The Royal Press Living Museum

Located in the heart of Melaka, The Royal Press is a polyglot letterpress living museum dedicated to preserving the craft of letterpress printing. Experience Melaka’s culture and history through its rich heritage and relive the journey of an age-old printing business.

Introducing : The Royal Press

Letterpress Machines

A range of printing machines remains at The Royal Press, and many are still functioning today. Among these is an original Glockner-Mercedes dating back to 1956. We also have a Linotype Model 78 made in 1961, an intricate line-casting machine that makes casted rows of letter types by melting lead metal.

The Printing Blocks

We have a letter-block library that houses over 150,000 blocks in four different language types: Roman alphabets, Chinese characters, Arabic and Tamil scripts. This unique polyglot collection reflects the multicultural community that The Royal Press has served throughout the years.

Printed Artefacts

The Royal Press has a social history of 81 years where a wide range of materials dating back to eight decades, including medicine boxes, wine labels, newspapers, and more were printed. Printed memorabilia from liquor labels to old bus tickets to 1950s Peranakan calendars, tell a timeless story of the history of Melaka through its forgotten everyday treasures.

The Royal Press Tour

Book a private tour now to learn more about The Royal Press! Explore the world of letterpress from the lens of various viewpoints, ranging from a historical gallery tour to a unique exhibition of classic letterpress printing equipment.

Private Group Tour


per person

Tour includes :

  • Guided Museum Tour
  • Documentary Screening
  • Q&A Dialogue

Additional Information :

  • Tour duration of 2 hours
  • Conducted every Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • From 28th November to 28th December *

*Until further notice. Booking to be confirmed 1-2 weeks in advance.